We have all heard about them, but have you ever used one of them? There are dozens of websites focused on providing free stock photos to their users. Some of them are trying to build huge libraries that include tens of thousands of photos. This is not a bad thing, but quantity doesn’t mean quality. If you are running your own blog or website or you are just trying to beautify your social media statuses and updates, you should look for high-quality free photos. In order to save you energy, time and money, we have created this list of top-rated websites for high-quality free stock photos.


Even though FancyCrave has free photos in almost every category, most people use it when they need good food and technology images for free. Don’t forget that this site is very easy to use – you will easily find and download the image you need.


Almost every photo found on Unslpash is colorful, vibrant and unique. This is definitely not a typical collection of ordinary stock photo websites. They are ideal for professional presentations and newsletters. They are updating their offer every now and then and the website has a very efficient search system.


Picjumbo is completely free to use and you can get as many free photos as you want through this website. However, in order to do this, you will have to sign up. The free photos we have mentioned are delivered via email. Their collection of images is huge, so be prepared to spend some time browsing through their galleries. We are sure that you will eventually find the perfect photo for your site.

Im Free

People usually use Im Free to get free icons, templates and button makers. Obviously, the website is offering many free images too and that’s why we have added Im Free to this list.


This is a relatively new free stock photo platform. What’s great about it is that users can search photos by color. In case you are trying to create a good presentation and you are looking for images that represent the color of your brand and company, FindA.Photo can be quite helpful.


Gratisography is loaded with random free photos that you can use for personal and commercial purposes. Every week, the team behind this website is adding new attractive free photos. If you sign up to their email list, you will get these updates on your email.

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