Some people believe that using free stock photo libraries is wrong because this decision may affect the work of professional photographers. But, the truth is that many of these free stock photos found online are actually shared by professional photographers. Some of them want to present their work, while others simply want to help website owners, web designers, and others. Regardless of their and your motives to share and use free stock photos, we have prepared a list of some great free image online libraries.

  1. Barn Images

Barn Images is a project with a unique concept. It doesn’t act as an aggregator of free stock photos for one good reason – many aggregators are sharing low-quality imagery. Barn Images is filtering the content and sharing only premium-quality free stock photos. They also avoid sharing photos that you can find on some other well-established websites. In other words, everything found there is unique.

  1. Startup Stock Photos

The number of startups in the world is growing every year. It seems that starting a business is now easier than ever, but a venture like this requires a certain financial investment. The idea behind Startup Stock Photos is to help startups save money by providing attractive free stock photos. Of course, bloggers and other individuals and organizations should feel free to use these free photos.

  1. Pixabay

There is no doubt that Pixabay is one of the most famous free image libraries in the world. The websites we’ve mentioned before are unique and exciting and we wish that we can say the same thing about Pixabay, but we can’t. However, the lack of uniqueness is compensated with the huge number of free stock photos found on this website. It will probably take some time to find a good photo, but it is worth trying.

  1. PhotoPin

The guys behind PhotoPin had a great idea when they have started this project. Namely, this website relies on Flickr API – it uses it to look for CC (Creative Commons) for photos/images. So, instead of using Flickr and filtering free photos you can use PhotoPin.

  1. Picjumbo

If you don’t have time to check the quality of photos and you need only premium-quality free photos, then you should stick to Picjumbo. This website has an incredibly large collection of great photos free for commercial and personal use.

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