5 Popular Sources for Free Stock Photos for Your Business’s Website or Blog

Looking for free stock photos to use for your business’s website or blog? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Check these 5 popular sources!

Websites, blog posts, social media, ecommerce sites, they all need photos or visual content to improve the engagement with the readers and potential customers. It is not desirable to be faced with a certain page of dry text. The photos can help get more eyes and attention on your posts and pages, help break up content, and they can bring meaning instantly. The only problem is that finding the right photos can be costly, time-consuming, and a complicated process. Many startups and small to medium sized companies are not simply interested in hiring the services of professional photographers or marketing specialists to take photos of their digital assets or to search the right photos for your needs and projects.


The best solution you can use in situations when you can’t allow to hire a professional photographer or to buy photos, is to use free stock photography websites. There is a plenty of royalty free and safe stock photos available on the internet. These photos will save you from spending time and energy trying to find all of them. Now, all the photos you need are at one place and you can download them with just one click.

These stock photography websites have incredible site-wide search options, for example, you can type in the keyword to find the exact photo you need, instead of going through the thousands if not millions of photos available.

Here are the 5 most popular sources for free stock photos you can use for your business’s website or blog:

  • Pixabay – This website offers a huge selection of copyright-free photos that you are free to use, edit, modify, and distribute for commercial and personal purposes. There is no need to register on the website to use or download the photo.
  • MorgueFile – A very popular free photo archive that includes high-quality and high resolution photos for commercial and public needs. This website requires a registration (the registration is free) and they do ask that you give credit to the creators or photographers when you have an opportunity to do so!
  • FreeRange – This website is known for offering amazing photos which are totally free for commercial use. When searching for photos, the search results will probably give you some premium images from Shutterstock, even though the free selections are diverse and large. In order to download photos, you will have to register and create your own account.
  • FreeImages – Here you will find thousands and thousands of free photos. You will have access to both free and premium stock photos that can be used for public and commercial projects. Before you can download a photo, they do require a registration.
  • Public Domain Pictures – This is an archive for high-quality and free HD public domain photos. This website offers more than 100.000 images from professional and amateur photographers. Public Domain Pictures require registration before you download a certain photo.

Now that you are familiar with the 5 best and most popular sources for free stock photos, you can register and go through the photos available. Regardless of your needs and purposes, we can guarantee you that you will be able to find the right photos for your projects. If by any chance, you can’t find suitable photos, try HubSpot (offers more than 500 marketing photos for free for commercial and public use) or Wikimedia Commons (more than 27 million usable media files) or Shopify (amazing photos). Good luck!

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